Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Saturday 20 August

Today saw me busy with hurricane updates, and up to 8 systems to monitor. Only two fully fledged tropical cyclones, the rest embryonic ones. I have also been occupied with tomorrow's 8th anniversary of J-land, the community of bloggers that I was part of between 2005 and its demise in 2008. Its remnant now continues on Facebook and partly on Blogger.

The weather was decidedly autumnal, with heavy showers and strong winds. Here in the Western Isles, summer is definitely over. Two things standing out in the news here: the controversy surrounding the guga hunt, with our MP sailing with the group of hunters to Sula Sgeir (but going straight back to mainland Lewis after they set foot on the island); and the implementation of a marine area of conservation east of Mingulay. The fishermen of Barra are very unhappy about that, as it will curtail their activities. The SAC has been put in place to protect an area of cold-water coral south of Barra (and east of Mingulay), which the creel fishermen say would not be damaged by creels - for reference, creels are used for catching crabs and lobsters.


  1. I've heard that summer seems to be over in the U.K. and now you're saying the same thing. Meanwhile, we're enduring dad after day of high 70's to mid 80's. I enjoy the nice days but a little rain at night would be wonderful. The watering to keep my garden & flowers alive is getting me down. I know I shouldn't complain because once the rains start they'll go on for months! Meanwhile 'Irene' is heading for Florida

  2. Hurricane warnings here in Florida too!