Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Friday, 29 April 2011

Thursday 28 April

The day started misty with low cloud over the Arnish hills. As the hours went by, the cloud lifted and the weather brightened up a little. There is much talk about the Scottish elections (due next week), with debates involving local candidates on TV, radio and the Internet. There is so much sitting going on on that fence, it's a miracle it hasn't collapsed yet. But then, their calibre does not warrant much concern in that direction. Tomorrow is Royal Wedding day, and I've already had enough. It's not likely I'll watch much of it - I watched the 1981 wedding between Charles and Diana, and we all know what tragedies ensued from that. Yes, the result of that match is now getting wed himself, 30 years later. No, I'm not British, as you all know. But neither did I watch the Dutch Royal Wedding in 2002, which was fraught with controversy, after the bride's dad was found to be involved with the infamous Argentinian junta under which people kept disappearing.

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