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Friday, 21 January 2011

Jo Yeates

This lady was murdered on December 17th, after she had gone out to buy some food in the city of Bristol. On Christmas Day, her remains were recovered along a frozen country road near the city. She had been strangled. Initially, her landlord was arrested on suspicion of her murder,  but he was later released on bail. Yesterday, a Dutch architect, Vincent Tabak, was apprehended in Bristol. He was Jo's next-door neighbour. Vincent came to Bristol in 2007 and according to Dutch broadcaster NOS lived there with his girlfriend.

I was taken aback by ITV [a commercial broadcaster in the UK] which had cameras in Mr Tabak's hometown of Veghel, north of Eindhoven in Holland. I'm not surprised people there were reluctant to discuss the case. Under Dutch law, a suspect is not identified by his full name, only by first name and the first letter of the surname.

This morning, police were granted more time to interrogate Mr Tabak, and further investigations at addresses in Bristol continue.

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