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Friday, 7 January 2011

Going like the clapper

I could not help but smirk when I read that the clapper for the main bell in Cologne Cathedral had fallen down. You may recall from my 23 December post on the Shell Gallery that I was less than impressed with the reception in the Cathedral. It is of course no laughing matter that an 800 kg metal object comes crashing down from a height of about 400 feet; but its fall was fortunately broken by a metal structure further down the tower. The main bell itself weighs 24 tons. "Fat Peter" is only rung on a few occasions, and the clapper broke into pieces on January 6th (yesterday) as the bell was rung for Epiphany. Nobody was hurt in the incident. The clapper is likely to be recast. [source:, in Dutch].

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  1. Having read your report on the Cathedral I'm afraid I have a bi of a smirk on my face as well !!