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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Crashed Tornado jetfighter

A Tornado jetfighter has crashed northwest of Rubha Reidh lighthouse, 18 miles southeast of Stornoway. Two crew ejected and were recovered from the water by Coastguard helicopter, and flown to hospital in Inverness. RNLI lifeboats were launched from Stornoway and Portree. Coastguard tug Anglian Earl is on the scene of the crash to try to recover the wreckage - as shown on this image from AIS Minch.

It's ironic that there is a vigorous debate over the closure of Coastguard Stations, and of the RAF base at Lossiemouth, where the Tornado was based.


  1. I hope the pilots are not badly injured Guido.
    I cannot understand the cutbacks being implemented here when there will always be a need for Coastguard Stations.
    My son was once based at Lossiemouth. He worked as an electronics engineer on the Tornados too.
    There seems to be no common sense being used in these cuts. Some folks only have cash registers for a brain!

  2. I so agree with what Jeanie has written Guido..
    And you know the loss of the Tornado has not even been mentioned in BBC/ITV least down here..
    It's sure a queer old world we are living in..
    Sybil x