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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tuesday 14 September

Autumn has reached the islands, with a procession of short but quite sharp showers, one of them even with thunder. The northwesterly wind, already gusting to galeforce, will reach sustained windspeeds equivalent to severe gale, force 9, overnight. Spent the day sorting out more files, which I found on my USB-sticks, and keeping up to date with hurricanes Igor and Julia. I'm also going through the appendices for the Napier Commission's report on Skye, which is a mere 85 pages. And, the nearly 26,500 photographs that I have of the Hebrides also need ordering.

I came across the chatlogs for some of the J-land anniversaries and other community chats we had. I'll put some of those up for you all to have a re-read of the fun we had some years ago.

I have closed comments and feedbacks on J-land Central.

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