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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Chatlog - September 2006

Four years ago (on 17 September 2006), we held a J-land chat on good ole AOL. I was going through my records, and I found the log for that chat. Taking part were 40 journalers (ok, not all of them kept a journal, I know that for a fact), namely

AM4039, Astra1547, BhbnEr2Him, Brainwhispers, BrandiLynnEliz, CacklinRosie101,
CANDLEJMR, Debbiewebb4465, Edwardssoapy, Fisherkristina, Frankandmary, GaBoatMan, GeminiWilder, HelmsWonderMom, INAFRNZ247, Kimbellina1956, LANursePRN, Leardex, LINDACHAPMANUK, Lindapaterson177, Lsfp1960, Luddie343, Lurkynat, ManiacEyelid, MansNott, Maxsox5, Memes121, Motoxmom72, MzGoochi, NJ LITTLE BEAR, OneCrabN3LilFish, Onestrangecat, Pharmolo, QueenieMart, Ralutja, Rap4143, RYanagi, Stellarghirl, Trishaham and VivianSulliNwank

I have left AOL altogether now. Mzgoochi passed away in November 2007; Stellarghirl was a contact from the AOL News Debate Chatroom, which was my first encounter with Internet chats. And raw it was an' all. Blast from the past? No kiddin'! 


  1. I actually remember it. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I didn't attend but I remember... recognize some screen names there... :)

  3. I remember going in and taking a look at this but I didn't have the confidence to chat as I was relatively new to aol.
    I remember most of the names though.
    I think Sybil plucked up courage to join in for a little while. Braver woman than me. lol

  4. Well do I remember that happy band Gudeo,,not that I took much part just as a sideliner !! but they were such a happy days..
    love Sybil

  5. I'd only just joined J-land and wasn't part of but recognise some names there, but do remember when they started the chat function just for bloggers that was fun.

    Take care