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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday 15 August

A strange day, weatherwise. It started quite bright, but as we set forth on a foray by car, a heavy shower developed over Harris and drifted north. Giving us a rather wet passage through Dalmore and Dalbeg. The sun returned at 6pm, and a second trip by car in Point was conducted in bright sunshine. It even felt warm.

Still with me? Good, come with me on the journey :-)

In reverse chronological order.

Lower Bayble

Tiumpan Head Lighthouse

Cottage at Portnaguran

Dalbeg Beach

Dalmore Beach

Happy campers in the rain at Dalmore

Dalmore in the rain

Carloway Broch

Carloway Broch

Loch an Duin, Dun Carloway

Callanish Stones


Beinn a'Bhuinne

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