Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Saturday 14 August

Today fell into two segments: first of all a visit to an art gallery in Barvas, 13 miles from Stornoway, and secondly a visit to Luskentyre and West Harris in the afternoon / early evening. The weather was grey, and later drizzly. It was not really cold. The contrast to my previous visit to Luskentyre, exactly a week ago, could not be greater. Whereas on the 7th, my father and I lounged in the dunes, my companions and I were today chased off the beach by a fine drizzle - and the presence of a dead, drowned rabbit in a nearby river. The beachscapes on the Westside of Harris remain as spectacular as ever.

In reverse chronological order


At the Luskentyre road-end

Between Seilebost and Horgabost


Luskentyre Beach (looking north)

Luskentyre Beach, looking southwest to Taransay


Above Maraig


Morven (Barvas): Prince

Inside Morven Gallery, Barvas


  1. lovely pics --- ty for sharing them...


  2. By coincidence, Guido, I was writing a piece on Saturday regarding the 1855 Death Certificate of a relative of mine that includes the location of her burial - Luskentyre!

  3. The pictures are lovely especially the one of the Horse that is particularly beautiful ~ it is a Glorious part of the world you live in ~ Ally x