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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Social networking - the downside

I reported in my previous post on an aircrash in Libya, in which 70 Dutch people were killed. One survived, a boy of 9 called Ruben. His full name was splashed across the Dutch media this afternoon, and lists of possible casualties are circulating. The Internet permitted me to watch a newsconference by the Dutch Foreign Minister, Maxime Verhagen, and one thing jumped out at me. It appears that journalists and other media workers have been raiding social networking sites in the Netherlands for information and pictures of those killed, and of the little survivor. It is extremely distressing for the families of those concerned, at a time when the identity of those thought to have died has not yet been confirmed.

I am absolutely disgusted with the attitude of some of the Dutch presspack, and hope the appeal from the Foreign Minister will be heeded.

Further coverage (in English) can be obtained from Radio Netherlands Worldwide.


  1. It is a Miracle that little boy survived ~ Ally x

  2. It is a miracle the little boy survived.

    Guido it is not just the Dutch presspack, it's global and it is disgusting.

    It seems to me that society is caught up in a 'need to know right now' frenzy that just won't quit. Makes me sort of sad for the loss of common sense and good judgement.

    But then I think ... well, if 'we' didn't fall into the trap so easily, perhaps the fodder wouldn't be presented.

    Sad for this boy; glad he survived but know he has so much to go through.

  3. I hear little news coverage most days due to work and my computer addiction. But I did hear about this on the radio today on the drive in. What a blessed little boy. But you are right. So much he will go through.

  4. I watched this little boy on the news and my first thought was "what the heck are they thinking of letting the media round his bed when he has been so ill and been through so much!"
    If his parents, God rest their souls, were alive, they would not have entertained anyone but the doctors and nurses around his bed.
    Poor little angel! He looked so poorly and had the world gawking at him.
    A line needs to be drawn somewhere. Standards have fallen through the floor when it comes to the media's 'need to know' for the sake of a fast buck and being first with the scoop of the day.