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Friday, 14 May 2010

Friday 14 May

I'm quite disgusted this morning, after reading an on-line newspaper's transcript of a telephone interview with the 9-year old victim of the Tripoli aircrash. "De Telegraaf", a daily newspaper in Holland couldn't raise itself to a half-decent editorial standard and leave the lad alone. No, he wasn't told his family are dead, thank god. I always thought the British gutterpress were bad. Never thought they'd stoop this low in Holland. But I now know otherwise, after other media outlets raided the Hyves sites of  people, thought lost in the aircrash, for pictures and information.

More later.


  1. The worst of the press is like the lowest common denominator by which all can be divided.
    The best rises like cream when time gives it the stage to act on.

  2. I find that even the most leftist, radical news must stoop to conquer as it were. Meaning money. It's all about the bucks - what sells. What a shame.

  3. I was appalled to see that the young boy spoke with the press 'using one of his doctor's cell phones".....what was that doctor thinking? to a. take that call in the first place? and then b. to give his cell phone to the boy and let the boy speak to the press without family members present? seriously disturbing lack of judgement and seriously unprofessional on the doctor's part, in my opinion.