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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Jane / A journey of another kind

J-land has lost another of its number, to cancer. Jane Thompson, who kept the journal "A journey of another kind", passed away this afternoon after a long battle against renal cell carcinoma.

On her blog, she described the slow deterioration in her condition, in spite of new drugs, new treatments and the valiant efforts of various parts of the NHS. She campaigned for the admission of expensive medications for use within the NHS. After a holiday in Brazil last year, Jane's condition took a sharp turn for the worse, which ended with the final result today.


  1. Another sad day for us all Guido...My heart goes out to all her family...How lovely though that she had at least a few home...just as she wanted until she was no longer able to make any more decisions..and then we thank God for the Macmillan Nurses and Hospice Care..
    Bless You
    Sybil x

  2. im in tears guido, now doing my own tribute, she was someone i called a friend.and she was a lovely lady.ty and tc mort

  3. I didn't know Jane Guido but my condolances to her family.It's always sad to learn of someones parting.May perpetual light shine upon her.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  4. Oh Guido, it is like losing family ,isnt it she shared so much with us ,God please give her the rest she has earned ,.. with a heavy heart Jan

  5. Jane was such a brave woman. She put up with such a lot of pain for a very long time. I know Martin will be devastated at her passing.
    In a way I am glad she chose to be at home. To leave this earth in the bosom of your family is a precious moment for them and comfort too.
    She did it her way in the end.
    God bless you Jane. May you rest in peace.
    Free at last!