View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Afternoon stroll

Did a 5 mile walk this afternoon, through the villages of Sandwick and Steinish, and taking in parts of Stornoway. The weather was fabulous, even if the mercury did not exceed 13C.

I am quite familiar with the 15 minute walk to Sandwick, having often trodden that path on my way to the cemetery there. Only on one occasion did my plans founder - on a sheet of ice. Not so today.

Lower Sandwick

Walked up the street in Lower Sandwick, crossed the main road and continued up North Street.

This picture shows the view down North Street towards Lower Sandwick and the outer reaches of Stornoway harbour.

At the top of North Street, Constable Road turns right and winds its way through the Carse of Melbost towards Steinish. I heard a cuckoo calling, and promptly saw the bird fly off towards Plasterfield. Along the road here, you have a nice view of the airport, and one plane took off and one landed whilst I walked north.

Steinish is a one-horse town with perhaps a dozen or little more houses. Pleasant enough place, very quiet on a Sunday afternoon. It borders the Cockle Ebb, the tidal estuary to the River Laxdale.

And yes, that's my feet again. You have to wade across some shallow waters in order to gain the Cockle Ebb.You leave the estuary at Sand Street, where I heard (but not saw) a corncrake.

And finally, a twenty-minute walk through the town, north to south, leading past two remarkable gates. One to the football pitch, the other leading to the site of the old hospital.


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. That is quite a walk (5 miles).

  2. Isn't it just fantastic to be able to get out after the awful long winter Guido.OH!! I so enjoyed the beautiful walk and pictures.Just the kind of place I could settle to live.What neat feet you have Heeeeeeee.Did you dry them well as Mother used to say Heeeeee.Take Care God Bless Kath.

  3. I am surprised you heard a cuckoo, as I thought these birds usually inhabited woodlands. I have never been to your island but must assume it is very different from Orkney where any surviving trees are bent almost double in the wind from the atlantic.
    Was this the first cuckoo of spring on Lewis?

    There's nothing like a cool salt water dip for weary feet is there?

  4. You have a great eye with the "Camera". Great photos!

    Hugs, Rose

  5. What Beautiful pictures ~ that is one walk I would love to take ~ Laughed at the picture of "THE FEET" ~ Ally x

  6. Thanks for taking us on that lovely walk...and the pictures. I have a friend who always takes her camera with her on a walk around our village and surroundings to let me "have a walk" with her !!
    Love Sybil x