View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Thursday 1 April

April Fools Day, with Google announcing its animal translator. Well, that's all I ever wanted. At least I can now swear at the seagulls as I chase them off the small bird's food.

My broadband service resumed just over an hour ago. A fire and flood at a major BT exchange caused an outage that for some people may last up to next Sunday. I can now proceed with the bits I gathered up offline yesterday.

Here in Stornoway, the weather is very much April showers with everything coming down, including the kitchen sink. More than 100 people incurred a 7 hour delay when their train ploughed into a snowdrift near Carrbridge, south of Inverness, and ground to a halt. A train, sent down from Inverness also got stuck. After a snowplough cleared a track, a third train managed to get through and take everybody to Inverness at 3.15 am.


  1. I went outside into the garden to plant up some plant plugs I bought for my hanging baskets.

    I was stood in the sun one minute and being rain and hailed on the next. Inclement weather that it is!
    Still... can't complain compared to Scottish weather reports. We've missed most of it so far.

  2. Glad your broadband is back up, but sorry that it's raining so hard. I hope the weather clears soon.