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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wednesday 31 March

Posting on dial-up, what a nightmare. How did we ever manage on a 45 kbps connection. Anyway, my ISP has been knocked off the wires due to a fire at a telephone exchange hub in London. The water, used for putting out the fire, has wreaked havoc with the machinery at Paddington. They don't know when we'll be back on-line, probably not much before Friday, I'd imagine.

Weather in Scotland: horrendous. The blizzards have claimed one life: a schoolgirl of 17 from Lanark died when the coach that was taking her and 38 schoolmates to the Alton Towers themepark slid off the A73 and onto a shallow riverbed, overturning in the process. Many roads in the Highlands are closed due to drifting snow.

I'll post updates on Facebook and Twitter, as they arrive.


  1. That is a shame about the fire and having to use dial-up. I did not realize there were blizzards going up up there! Quite a tragedy about the young girl. I hope there are no more casualties.

  2. Funnt how we get so quickly used to something. I even think that my connection is slow but know doubt if I had to go back to dial up I woudl see a difference...A beautiful morning here cold but bright blue sky and the wee birds are twittering away at 7am starting to look for nest material will have to gove amber Mary's cat a good old brush !! not much comes out of my wee Dee...
    Very sad about the young lasses death yesterday. But why on earth did they set out for alton Towers when such weather was forecast...
    Love Sybil x

  3. So sorry you are experiancing such awful weather ,I was shocked to hear about the coach crash and I have been thinking about the family of the poor girl who died ,especially as my Grandson Sam went to Alton Towers yesterday ,but from down here where the weather was cold and wet but nothing like yours , Jan xx

  4. We are surrounded by snow on the fells Guido but so far have avoided it lying on the pavements. It's creeping lower down each day though, so I am hoping that we miss out on it this Easter weekend.
    That coach crash reminded me of one which happened to some Lakes School children going on a trip too. Some of my friends and relative were involved. It was pandemonium at work that morning as we listened to the radio news.
    There were deaths and dreadful injuries that day too. It's the stuff of nightmares to hear of it happening again.
    God rest this young schoolgirl taken in the prime of her life.