Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday 28 March

Overcast and cold, much like yesterday, but without the sunny intervals. Temperature down to 6C at the moment. Awoke this morning to the sight of the Norwegian fish survey vessel GO Sars coming into port. Not seen that one for 4 years. The GO Sars travels the Atlantic in search of shoals of fish, for Norwegian fishing vessels to scoop up.

The other unusual sight was the ferry, docked stern first. She normally docks bow first. I'll check how she is lying when passengers board, by 2pm - an hour from now. Talking of hours, our clocks were put forward by an hour last night, and I'm feeling suitably hung-over - without having overindulged.

I'll be uploading pictures later this afternoon about yesterday's trip to the West Side.


  1. We forgot to put them forward Guido. lol
    Imagine our dismay when we realised we were almost having breakfast for lunch because we decided to have a lie in!
    It wont do us any harm to miss a meal though. lol
    Look forward to seeing your pictures. I am waiting for a new usb camera lead in the post. I have tons of photos from last year on there.

  2. We had that change of time on the 14th of March. I still have not adapted to it. One hour can make a difference.