Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Picture post - 27 March

Sleeping quarters in the Blackhouse - the haze is peatreek

Young and old - the storyteller and his granddaughter, sharing the telling of a story


  1. You know what I'm like with photos Guido. I never tire of looking at them. Each one could tell its own story.
    The sheep look 'well washed' and 'blow dried'. lol
    Super photo of granddad and granddaughter. Passing on his talents. A magical moment in time!
    I like your new heading photo.

  2. Like Jeanie says I never tire of your photo's either,,,Loved the photo of the child and Grandad ...
    Funny thing happend usually get your update when I click in my Favs.bogs...Today and yesterday it wa not there so I got you via the same Favs but from a different direction !
    SYbil xx

  3. Interesting pictures. Stopping by to say hello. Let me know if you are interested in my blog - it is private. But I trust you. lol

  4. Just like the other gals I never tire of your pictures either, they are always so interesting. The shot of the grandfather/daughter is awesome. I am curious, what is that in & behind the stone wall? Of course I always love seeing your sheep photos!!!