Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Monday, 1 March 2010

Monday 1 March

Well, it may now be March, but I woke up to a snow shower this morning. We should have a few more before the day is done. I'm glad I'm not on the mainland though, as the overnight low tonight will be -12C.

Yesterday, Western Europe got battered by hurricane force winds over the weekend, causing death and destruction in a wide swathe from Portugal to Germany. The UK just missed it by a whisker. German meteorologists referred to this storm as Xynthia, which originated in the eastern Caribbean Sea. As the vigour of depressions at our latitude is governed by temperature differences, Xynthia's encounter with cold air over the UK had the effect of strengthening it to the most violent storm this year. It says enough that the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris experienced winds of 175 km/h, that's nearly 110 mph. France has declared a national disaster.

Radovan Karadzic, the former leader of the Bosnian Serbs, has spelled out why his movement acted the way it did in Bosnia in the early 1990s: with extreme brutality. He claims the Bosnian Serb cause was "holy" and that they acted in self-defence. Karadzic is making a two-day opening statement at the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, where he is standing trial on an indictment of war crimes and genocide. 


  1. Happy least it sounds warmer to say March as opposed to February. lol

  2. Our first day of March has come in like a lamb. That doesn't auger well for the end of the month.
    There is no excuse for man's inhumanity to man. 'Holiness' or not.
    We should all see ourselves on this earth as family memebers and treat each other as such.
    Glad the gales didn't reach us..I am enjoying intermittant sunshine at the moment and it is goooood!

  3. I second Jeanies comment here guido re-no excuse.We have had a lovely mild sunny day here in my part today too.Yeeeh about time.Have agood day Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  4. It is mild for us today comparatively speaking as there is no wind to speak of and no new snow. The temps have gone above the freezing mark causing some of the snow to melt. If we believe the old saying that means bad news weatherwise at the end of this month I guess.