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Monday, 1 March 2010


Missing from the Hotel Hebrides in Tarbert, Harris:
- one chef, James Stocks, thought to be headed for Glasgow
- more than £6000 from the hotel safe

Chef vanished from Harris before the weekend, is thought to have caught a flight, as the roads on the mainland were blocked by snow.

James Stocks is a celebrity chef, aged 26, who has a less than enviable track record. A quick search on Google shows a trail of opened and closed restaurants and alleged embezzlement. Until police have found and interviewed Mr Stocks, no formal link can and should be made between the two missing items from the Hotel Hebrides.

The Hotel Hebrides, situated a few yards from the ferry terminal at Tarbert, was previously operating as the Macleod Motel. It was recently reopened after a major refurbishment. The image below shows the premises in October 2007, when it was still the Macleod Motel.


  1. He will not get far Guido. I await an update in the near future.

  2. He wont get far. £6000 will not last long-it will not even buy a car!

  3. Have these people any brains or what Guido? How does he expect to get away with this?... my mind boggles.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  4. Hope they get their money back ~ that would be a lot of cash for them to lose ~ Ally x