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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday 14 February

Happy Valentine's Day, if you celebrate. It's been a very quiet day here in Stornoway, as is customary on Sunday. Apart from those going to or coming from church, little has moved. Only the clouds and occasional light rain. The ferry is presently on its way in, back from its normal single Sunday sailing.

Although I'm not much of a rugby fan, I couldn't avoid watching some of the Six Nations action this weekend. Scotland managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, after losing 24-31. They had been ahead 24-14 only 10 minutes before the end. Their opponents were Wales. Ireland were giving a hammering by France, losing 10-33. England was the only home country to manage a win, beating Italy 17-12 in Rome. I find rugby a very physical game, but at least you don't get all the daft backchat you get in football. Players listen to the referee, and that's it.

Next week, I intend to revisit the local museum to take pictures of a memorial plaque there. I do have photographs of it, but cannot read the names on it. I went to the library yesterday, which was rearranged a few weeks ago. Where is the local history section? Well, that's been put in the middle of the place, and you have to walk around with your reference books to find a table to work on. Not a vast improvement.


  1. Happy Valentines Day to you too. I didn't do much celebrating yet still like to send my love to family and friends.

  2. just wanted to ty for the valentine wish, & wish you the same.
    guido, please stop by mosie's 'just me'...she lost her dear horse blue, & might use support from call 4 support.

  3. Happy Valentines Day to you as well Guido. Nothing happening here for celebration. I used to enjoy going to the local Rugby games but I haven't followed it for years. There was once a bumper sticker floating around our area it read "Give rugby". About sums it up!

  4. (Monday Morning) 8am.I like rugby Guido,probably due to the fact Rooster played until he was 36yrs old and was very good at it too.Trophy's galore he won.Rugby League is our passion,but we do watch union too.Come on England.It is a very physical sport league,I would say much more than union and doesn't he know it now at 58 yrs old,with all the aches and pains he endures today he-he.Enjoy your treks this week,looking forward to more interesting pictures.A belated "Happy Valentines" to you too.Take Care God Bless Kath xx