Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Saturday 13 February

Overcast with some light rain here and there. An old-fashioned Atlantic depression near Greenland is slowly sinking south, and will pass across the UK after tomorrow. It will grind to a halt over England, leaving us with easterly winds and possible snow early in the new week.

Apart from the screen of the laptop, the printer is now also going on the blink. If I want to print pictures at any quality better than draft, the result is a third of the normal height - in other words a squashed picture that bears more resemblance to a television test card. Anything else feeling like collapsing??

My camera has gone in for repairs, and I hope to be reunited with it early in March. Meanwhile, I am using a friend's camera.


  1. Poor old you....with everything on the brink !! Hope the siuation changes soon. I want to change my printer as it has stopped doing some things like copying a photo to my 'puter but need to use up the inks first !!
    love Sybil

  2. I'm due for new equipment also.....ugh.

    I wish technology would last longer than it does.

    Hugs, Rose

  3. OH poor you Guido,it must be printer failure week,mines on the blink too LOL.You know the saying it always comes in three.Well you sound to have had your three,I hope me and Sybil don't have another two to contend with LOL!!More snow next week I hope not and those bitter winds well i carn't keep warm when they are around brrrr.I hope your Sunday is much better.Take Care God Bless Kath xx