Along the Pentland Road, 25 May 2017

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thursday 7 January

Good morning from a freezing Stornoway, temperature -2C. There was a nice sunrise at 9 o'clock, but snow showers are building. A seal just popped up in the basin across the road - no he's dived now. Temperatures in the south of England have gone down to -18C / 0F overnight. As high pressure builds over Scotland, we can expect overnight lows to go below -20C in the next few nights.

Supplies of grit to salt the roads in the Western Isles are expected to run out on Sunday. On Sunday, a boat with further supplies of salt is expected here. As Sunday work is frowned upon, I'm wondering if this ship will be unloaded then, or will they wait for Monday. Without gritting, the road conditions would be even more treacherous than they already are.


  1. My first sighting of wild seals was off the coast of Skye in a tiny little dinghy. I was so excited my heart raced for ages afterwards! Lucky you to glimpse them out of your window!
    It is bitterly cold here in the lakes. I have layers on indoors, including my walking socks. lol! The central heating is battling away full time but we still feel the cold.
    Mind how you go when you are out and about.
    p.s. The seal is probably warmer in the!

  2. We're at a balmy 20.3 o & more snow today ,Fri,Sat and Mon.
    Love that header photo.
    Stay Warm....

  3. I know I count on our snow plows and the grit they spread in order to make our roads passable. Hoping you all stay safe and warm there. Lots more snow headed our way today.
    Take care!

  4. running out of salt here too guido.its bitterly cold, the novelty wore off after one day mort

  5. Hi Guido, I took a photo this morning at 9.20am and temp on outdoor thermometer was -10 and the sun was shining on it !!! after I had rubbed off the ice !! Brrrrrrr
    Love Sybil
    PS Have you noticed our Jeanie is back commenting