View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday 8 January

A sunny but very cold start to the day here in the Western Isles, after the mercury dipped to -6C overnight. That is not as cold as Altnaharra, over on the Scottish mainland, which reached -22.3C earlier this morning. Problems with snow and ice continue unabated, and there are no signs of improvement in the offing.

The birds have been fed outside, taking care to make it difficult for the seagulls to reach the seeds and bread crumbs. Anything close to treetrunks or under bushes is not easy to get for those scavengers. The starlings, thrushes, sparrows and finches are having a hard time at the moment. By 2pm, they can be spotted puffed up in any ray of sunshine that happens about, soaking up the sun and saving energy.


  1. It would be so great to see some sunshine. We are under a severe winter warning here as more snow is headed our way. I made it into work safely and hope to do the same when headed home. Winter is blasting us big time. Hope your Friday is a good one. Keep warm!

  2. brrrr....stay warm...we have had 3 nights of freezing temps...this is SWFL...unheard of...really anything below 40 is down right awful!!!
    take care

  3. According to our weather results we had -7 last night. It doesn't feel like that when I go out to feed the poor birds. Wee angels so they are!
    I have wild bird seed nuts and black sunflower seeds out for them. Unfortunately I saw a large rat come and help itself to the spillage from the bird table. I suppose they need to eat too's not nice being made aware that they are around. I guess their days are numbered now Bryan knows of them.
    We have blue skies and sunshine but it is too weak to rise above the trees behind our garden so our pond is trying to freeze even though it is covered.
    Take care out and about my friend. Stay cosy and warm too.

  4. Over here,it has been snowing since 07h00,at time of posting its minus3° .O.K no big deal,but we are 45mins from the med!