View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 11 January 2010

Monday 11 January

As I start this post, the sun is setting. We have now gained half an hour of daylight since the solstice on December 21st. Docked alongside pier no 3 is MV Aasvik, which is delivering more than 4,000 tonnes of roadsalt, to replenish stocks which had run out completely a few days ago. Thaw has arrived in these islands over the weekend, and is likely to persist. Not that the 5C feels very warm at present, with a strong southeasterly breeze. My camera has decided to stop being reliable, and is going on the blink every now and again. Another repair will be required soon, sigh.

Northern Ireland has seen another dose of political turmoil, this time surrounding the province's First Minister. Peter Robinson has announced he is stepping aside for 6 weeks to allow the dust to settle over the rumpus over his wife's affair with a teenager, 40 years younger than herself. She had given him money, but failed to declare it in the register of members' interests - Mrs Robinson is a Member of Parliament at Westminster. Why am I hearing the strains of Simon & Garfunkel's Mrs Robinson in my mind?


  1. In answer to your Simon and Gurfunkel's Mrs Robinson question.. I guess it's because she has more or less re-enacted the film in real life. This 'Mrs Robinsn' seemingly also had his dad as a lover too, according to the Mail newspaper.
    What possesses a woman of her age and status? That is certainly a ponderable since she had an extremely intelligent and successful husband. Some folks are never happy with their lot.
    Hope your camera isn't too expensive to fix. It cost me £44.00 just to replace the door that holds the batteries in on mine. It's gone again so I think it will be cheaper to buy a new one this time. Good luck with yours.
    Stay warm too.

  2. Until yesterday I had not noticed the increase of daylight. It has been so dark all day due to heavy cloud cover that we could hardly see any change. Early Sunday evening however it was clear and I was surprised to find the days really are beginning to get longer. Spring is coming, yes it is!!!

  3. I LOVE your header picture!

    "So here's to you Mrs. Robinson"...I've always like that song. Wow, 40 years younger ~ that is quite an age difference. I imagine her husband is mortified and quite embarrassed.

  4. 40 years younger?? OMG! What the hell?? I just do not get it.
    Good luck with the camera. I hope it's not too pricey to fix.