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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday 22 November

Overcast and presently fairly bright. The barometer is at a low point, 975 mbar, and will probably dip another 10 points to level out between 960 and 965 mbar later this afternoon. The centre of a low pressure system will pass directly over us - and we're in the eye of the storm. Further south, conditions are pretty atrocious, according to the radar pictures.

Bridges in Cumbria remain a focus for concern; one, in the town of Workington, is on the point of collapse. More than half a dozen others, out of 1800 in Cumbria as a whole, are being assessed for structural soundness. The closure of bridges is going to lead to colossal traffic chaos; travelling from the north of Workington to the south requires a diversion of up to 100 miles.

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  1. Sorry I've not been by in a while. I'm always saying that, eh? LOL Sounds like you all have been going through some gruesome weather. Hope you fared it well. We're cold & warm, warn & cold. I wish one season would settle in. I've been plagued with cold after cold for about 4 weeks. I have never had allergies, so I think my granddaughters are generously bringing home germs from school. Take care & stay warm & dry.
    Barb *queenb