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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Saturday 31 October

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate. Please keep it nice.

Typhoon Mirinae has barged through the Philippines, and has left 10 people dead in Quezon Province. The storm is currently headed west, away from the archipelago, and will reach Vietnam in a few days' time. Mirinae is the 4th typhoon to hit the Philippines within 2 months. As you know, I monitor tropical cyclones closely. My relays on the Tropical Cyclones blog make for dreary reading, and hide the impact such systems have on people on the ground. The Philippines are squarely in the firing line, and flooding is always the most severe impact that typhoons have there. The website of the Philippine National Disaster Coordinating Committee, which yielded the above casualty figures, reveals what actually happened.

This entry is dedicated to the memory of
Sarah Mae Vargas and Rodrigo Rodriguez, Camarines Norte; hypothermia
- Louie Alano, Catanduanes; Hypothermia
- Flora Estacion, Camarines Norte; Drowning
- Tirso Ramos, Cavite; fell from roof
- Edsel Laviña and Roderico Cabardo, Laguna; drowned
- Marge Taiño and Julieta Zagure, Laguna; pinned under collapsed wall
- Edwin Capayas, Quezon; drowned


  1. It dosn't seem fair does it Gudeo, So much rain in one place and so little elsewhere...
    People dying in both circumstances. thank you for always reminding us,
    We are so fortunate to live where we do and I give thanks for that, whilst remembering all the others.
    It s a lovely sunny day here but high winds and rain forecast for overnight....we will make the most of what we have now. Mary gone out for a trip with friends. so I am playing around on the 'puter !! That I don't like doing when she is around.
    Love Sybil x

  2. I gave the children who came to my door asking the question 'trick or treat?' chocolate money.
    The truth is that the human spirit requires more than money, chocolate or otherwise, to survive this world and see what the horizon holds for those that believe in learning.