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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Road closed

An accident involving an army lorry has closed the A838 road in northwestern Scotland, causing lengthy detours for people heading for the villages of Rhiconich, Kinlochbervie and Durness. The lorry toppled off the bridge at Laxford Bridge, causing damage to the bridge. The three gunners on board escaped with minor injuries. The road is likely to remain closed for some time, forcing travellers to divert east and north, through Altnaharra and Tongue. For instance, the 30 mile journey from Lairg to Laxford Bridge will now be 80 miles long. (Image courtesy BBC.)


  1. And we complain here if there is a 1/2 mile detour...

  2. Whoa! That is one heck of a detour. Hope there isn't too much traffic that has to be re-routed. Have a good weekend.
    Barb in TX