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Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday 18 September

An autumnal day, cool and quite breezy. Feel sorry for the wedding party who are going to have pictures taken on a beach this afternoon. Meanwhile here in Stornoway, the 'successor' to Woolworths, which folded at the end of 2008, is opening at midday. Same range of products, including pick-n-mix. The company, WeeW, has conducted a weeks-long publicity campaign, with a formal opening last night. The shop will open for sales within an hour of this post going live.

It remains quiet on the hurricane front, with one typhoon in the open Pacific and a tropical storm (Marty) fading rapidly near Mexico. The Atlantic has only had 6 named storms, and the way things are going that isn't set to increase rapidly. I'm sure it's a reassurance for those in Hurricane Alley, but bear in mind what hurricanes &c are for: dispersing heat from the tropics to higher latitudes. It is reported that sea surface temperatures are approaching all time highs.


  1. Are you planning on attending the Grand Opening of the new store? I'm sure it will be a bee hive of activity. I remember a post you did ages ago when the food store shelves were bare. Hopefully that doesn't happen today at the new store!

  2. Did not attend the grand opening, people were queued outside, blocking the entire pavement (which happens to be quite wide at that point). Hope it's not a seven-day wonder.

  3. Autumn is arriving here across the pond as well!

    be well...

  4. Boy I miss Woolworths.
    They had things you couldn't get
    anywhere else,and at reasonable cost.
    Lucky you to get a wee W..cute name,that....