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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Blog reading

Gone through my Google Reader, and visited quite a few blogs. For the first time this month in fact. It was like coming home again - yes, I realise I'm repeating myself. Will try to make a routine to read blogs, rather than play inane games on Facebook. I do note that many people have the same problem. It will be exactly a year ago at the end of this month that we were notified of AOL's decision to axe their journals functionality. It's been AOL's loss, but much worse, our loss. Quite a few bloggers have disappeared from the blogging scene, unfortunately. AOL?

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  1. Is it just a year Guido that we all left AOL...seems like years ago !! I am pleased that I have at last come back but it just isn't the same somehow...ner mind I will persevere for a while and see how it goes. Love that cat..
    Hope WeeW is a good succes as most Woolworths have been missed, Perhpas if they had not tried to get bigger and bigger they would not have gone into liquidation,
    Love Sybil