Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tour of Norse Mills

Yesterday, I went on a guided tour round Norse mills (or what's left of them) around parts of Lewis. According to the guide, there were hundreds of mills around - a figure of 262 was quoted.

The weather on tour

Mill at Cleascro, Achmore

Mill at Breasclete

Scrambling down to the mill site near Tolstachaolais, below

Near the site of a mill at Carloway

Old School centre, Shawbost

Restored mill and kiln, Shawbost

Millsite at Bragar


  1. Beautiful! I always find that stormy skies cast a wonderful depth and cast colors so beautifully in photos, especially on the coast or in the UK
    Looks like a great expedition!

  2. Great photos - the hill is deceptive as it didn't look so steep until I saw the person walking down.

  3. I could spend hours looking at these photos. Beautiful landscape.