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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Picture post - 27 August

On Thursday, we had use of a car, so after picking up someone in Ness (north Lewis), we headed south to have lunch at the Blackhouse Village in Gearrannan. By late afternoon, we made for Uig, west Lewis. Paid a visit to the wee museum in the community centre at Timsgarry, then headed south for the Top End. Total distance travelled: 135 miles.

Along the road in Ness

Blackhouse Village, Gearrannan

Along the road at Breasclete, north of Callanish

The B8011(M) at Enaclete

Near Mangersta

Waterfall at Brenish

The End of the Road at Mealista

Beyond the End of the Road

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  1. Those houses are so interesting. The roofs are made of something I've never seen. They also look like they are half built into the ground. Are they? Thanks for sharing these. Enjoyed them.