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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday 23 August

A grey and overcast day, but at least it's dry. Dry is something they can do without like a hole in the head down in Greece, where wildfires are raging out of control near Athens. A year ago, a similar event left scores of people dead as they could not escape from the raging inferno that engulfed their villages. Still on the theme of weather, hurricane Bill is headed for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, which will get a lot of wind and a lot of rain today and tomorrow. Come Wednesday, Bill's remnant will approach England from the west and bring humid conditions for a day. I hope it isn't going to shoot up the English Channel; last time that happened to a former hurricane (1987), it wreaked havoc across the Home Counties with winds of 120 mph. Former BBC weatherman Michael Fish, who said there was not going to be a hurricane, has never lived down that erroneous forecast.

The political fall-out continues over the release of the Lockerbie bomber. Two former Scottish First Ministers have come out with vastly differing opinions on it all. Henry McLeish has said the right decision was taken; his successor, Jack McConnell, has made it clear that this would be damaging for Scotland's stature in the world. And meanwhile Gadaffi is laughing all the way to the bank. The Scottish Parliament will reconvene tomorrow to discuss this item, and we'll see an unseemly political scrap.

Have to say that I have little time for the current SNP-led administration in Edinburgh, but I do support them in this, their toughest decision to date. I have NO time at all for the American administration who fail to take cognisance of the difference in legal systems, namely that Scots law allows for compassionate release, and US law does not. And dare I mention the words Guantanamo Bay? All I can say to close this post is: the price of principle is often abuse.


  1. The US lucked out so far by avoiding Bill. Or should I say it avoided us. lol

  2. Well Guido hope the bad weather will have blown away by the time Mary and I go to Toronto in a couple of weeks, I'm glad I am not going to Newfoundland this time !!!
    I heartly agree with everything you have written about the Scottish position v the USA one.. At lunch time today my Sister and I were speaking about someone we had heard on TV saying what a compassionate country theirs was (he was American) and many things came to our mind not least Guantanamo !!
    Love Sybil in sunny and warm Box xx

  3. Having had close to 5" of rain in the past days it would seem Bill did visit us. Of course he didn't but they claim his presence stalled the front which brought us all the rain.