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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Canoeists die on Loch Maree

Loch Maree [bottom central on the above map] is a large inland loch near the west coast of Scotland, east of Gairloch and south of Ullapool. It was the scene of a rescue operation this afternoon, after a father and his 7-year old son set out on to the loch by canoe, but failed to return. Stornoway Coastguard turned out by helicopter and recovered the two from the water. Local news website Hebrides News reports the search, but not the fact, relayed by BBC Highlands and Islands, that they were both dead. My thoughts are with the family of the deceased.


  1. Such a sad story. My heart goes out to the family whom I'm sure are devastated.

  2. A very sad story, the photo above is absolutely exquisite! Gerry