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Monday, 17 August 2009

Project 2996

I have posted about this on Facebook and Twitter, and will also put this on here.

Every year, tributes are being published on blogs around the world in memory of the victims of 9/11. The effort is coordinated by D. Challener Roe on If you'd like to participate, please visit his site. You don't need a blog or website of your own.


  1. As I mentioned briefly on Twitter, Guido, I am letting it go. That is not to say that terrible day or the loss of all those lives will ever be forgotten. But the families and friends of the victims have moved on, they have had to move on,that is what happens in life, time does not stand still, some have even married again. I will do a little remembrance posting on the day as always but for the reasons given, I am not taking part in the project.

  2. Dear Guido,
    Lucky for me to visit here!
    I have participated in years past and I shall again!:):) Lurkynat on Blogger!
    Please come and leave tributes when I do people!