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Monday, 17 August 2009

Hurricane update - 17 August

I now have six tropical cyclones to cover, most not threatening land.
  1. Tropical depression Ana is falling to pieces to the southeast of St Croix in the Caribbean, and only rain will remain a threat.
  2. Hurricane Bill, the first hurricane of the Atlantic season, is not threatening land at this time either.
  3. Tropical storm Claudette moved ashore in the Florida Panhandle at midnight local time near Fort Walton Beach. Again, only rain will be a threat.
  4. In the Pacific, Guillermo is being torn apart by contrary winds in the atmosphere to the northeast of Hawaii.
  5. Tropical depression Maka is still trying to keep the show on the road in the middle of nowhere, 400 miles east of Wake Island
  6. Tropical depression 11 has formed 800 miles east of Guam, and is heading north - in the general direction of Japan. If its course does not alter, Japan might be in for a nasty surprise in the shape of a typhoon in a week from now.


  1. Thanks for the updates. I have posted some links to WX info in my latest blog entry.

  2. hi Guido! thanks for this!
    I am still wondering and having a conundrum over Hurricane Bill!
    Would anyone who knows please write n my blog about whether or not it will reach the East Coast Friday or Saturday thanks