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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Community notes

Sybil, as I already posted on Jland Central and Jeannette on Call for Support, is back blogging - so keep it up! It's not all that much different from AOL, just a few bits and pieces, and everybody can help.

I was sorry to read of Jane's setback in her fight against renal cell carcinoma, in the shape of boney metastases. These were the cause of the pains that have beset her in recent weeks. Fortunately, Jane is not one for giving up that easily, so she duly turned up at her son's passing out parade with the RAF.

Dearmissmermaid, our blogger-in-hospital-in-the-Caribbean, is still there, 3 weeks down the line, and getting heartily fed up with it all. Why not pay her a visit, she feels like a fish out of water and misses her kitties.

Zoe has put in an appearance, after an absence of more than 2 months, but she thinks nobody is there to read her. So, off ye go, prove her wrong.

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