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Thursday, 16 April 2009


Petar Vodogaz used to write in Jland, until he closed down his blog to leave AOL. He now writes on LiveJournal in a blog called Responsorium. Petar, an Australian blogger that I have known for a few years through this medium, is perturbed by a rise in apparent racism in his country. His latest post, accessible after clicking through a contents warning (nothing untoward, but it is a horrible story), warrants wider airing - I think this is a worldwide problem.



  1. That was a very eye-opening entry. I really feel myself that when someone is going through that much "trouble", for want of a better word, to leave their country, that they are in desperate need of relocating. Thomas works with an Asian gentleman who was a "boat person" many years ago, and the stories he tells of their time on that boat, the near-starvation and dehydration they went through before they were rescued is heartbreaking. But just slightly less heartbreaking than the stories he tells of the life they were leaving behind.

  2. Thanks for pointing me to that well written journal. It really does seem to be a sign of our times. It should make us all very wary of the far right opinions that seem to be comming more and more vocal...( even seen/heard down in our quiet neck of the woods just lately)
    God help us all.
    Love Sybil xx

  3. Thanks Guido. I believe that this is a growing problem around the world and sooner or later this pent up frustration will be unleashed into violence and bloodshed. The lastest generation has forgotten the past transgressions of World War 2. Bigotry and racism is alive and well, festering. A ticking time bomb.
    I have made an update entry in my journal.