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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Evening notes

Barack Obama is now the 44th president of the USA, and he made an impressive speech at his inauguration, just after midday EST (5pm GMT). One of his first acts is to close the prisoncamp at Guantanamo Bay on Cuba, an order that will be issued within 48 hours.

Guantanamo Bay means Bay of Pigs, and there are serious allegations that the prisoners held there have been treated like pigs by their custodians. Who themselves behaved like pigs in doing so. Good riddance to a stain on America's record. Holding suspects without prospect of a fair trial under any jurisdiction is in total contradiction to anything the Land of the Free stands for. If any of the people held at Guantanamo is suspected of any wrong doing, they should be afforded a fair trial under international law, such as the International Courts at The Hague.

As I said in my mobile posting on Facebook, words have to be matched by actions. The closure of Camp Delta is a positive move. In his speech, Obama openly listed the problems he faces as president of the USA, both at home and abroad. He carries a burden of expectation, to which his speech only added.

Tropical cyclone Fanele is approaching the Malagasy coast, and will deal a hammerblow as a category III hurricane. That is already bad enough if it happens on the American Gulf Coast or Florida, but for a nation like Madagascar, it is devastating. It has felt the pinch from both sides, as tropical cyclone Eric, a minor tropical storm, swiped the country's east coast with heavy rains.


  1. It was a very impressive speech, made by a very impressive orator.

  2. Our new President has a big job in correcting alot of mistakes and my prayer is that he doesn't make too many of his own. We need someone very strong leading our country. We the people need to be strong too. We have a great inheritance in the country of ours to take care of and maintain. 'On Ya'-ma

  3. i feel that he'll make a good president & try to do what he can to right things, however he has a BIG job. hoping he picks a good team to back him & gets the right advice as needed.
    keeping them all in my prayers.
    God bless...

  4. Yes, it has been an interesting day watching history unfold. And I kept seeing your hurricane wind statuses on facebook. Hope all is ok.

  5. It sure has been an emotional day for many Americans at home and abroad. When we think of all that has improved over the last 40 years or so in the USA we should all be thankful. The new President sounds and looks like an extreemly "sound" young man. I pray that he will surround himself with other like minded men who will help him to take the US into a recovery which will help all other countries...

    Love Sybil xx

  6. Comment posted on behalf of Barbara / Caneyhead:

    Some can hardly put two words together but stand tall and do what is right whether it is popular or not. Some can make words sound like music but are wrongly motivated. Time will tell if Obama's walk matches his talk...and if he chooses rightly.

    Sorry, but I totally disagree about G. Bay.

  7. You are much more informed about the inaugeration than I am as I did not see or hear a single word and still haven't. I've never been the pep rally type of gal. Actions speak louder than words and only time will tell. Personally I'll wait and see before I start dancing in the streets, right now it is only lip service.

    For the sake of our Country I Pray something good happens.