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Wednesday, 29 August 2018


Hurricane Maria struck the US dependency of Puerto Rico in 2017. Until very recently, the deathtoll was put at a risible 64. Today, this was upped to 2975. The damage is now quoted at an eye-watering $139 billion. Without wishing to compare suffering, the response to the devastation wrought by Maria jars with that to Harvey's devastation in Texas and Louisiana, some weeks earlier. It took nearly a year for full power to be restored to Puerto Rico, to but name a sore point.

This year's hurricane season, thus far, is quiet. However, the peak will occur on September 10th, and the season won't end until November 30th.

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  1. Yes the devastation from hurricanes is terrible and it takes awhile to recover what it took years to make. I got to visit Mississippi a couple of years after Katrina and you could still see the evidence of all the damage there.