View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 3 November 2017

Friday 3 November

The clocks went back on Sunday, and the sun is now setting at 4.30pm. At solstice time, in 6 weeks from now, sunset will occur at 3.35pm. We are now into the short days leading up to Christmas; Hallowe'en has been and gone, and Guy Fawkes (an English phenomenon) will be celebrated this weekend. On 5 November 1605, Guy Fawkes had planned to blow up Parliament in London; but it all went horribly wrong and he met his end on 31 January 1606. A fireworks display commemorates this event. Looking across the North Sea, St Nicholas will put in an appearance around November 18th, with a reigniting of the debate whether Black Peter should be black, and (more to the point) whether St Nicholas European style should be superceded by St Nicholas American style (Father Christmas).


  1. Our clocks fall back an hour this weekend and yet another reminder how time is flying by. Hope you enjoy the fireworks. We don't celebrate that holiday here.

  2. Gosh, but it seems so wrong for it to be dark at 3 or 4! Even after we roll back tonight, it won't get dark before 6. I find it rather cool y'all celebrate an event that took place so long ago. But then, we are an extremely young nation.