Along the Pentland Road, 25 May 2017

Monday, 28 November 2016

Monday 28 November

November is coming to a calm close, here in the Outer Hebrides. The tourists have long gone, the roads have reverted to commuter routes, and not a bicycle to be seen. Apart from those ridden by local residents, who are easily picked out as not carrying large amounts of luggage. Darkness falls before 4pm at this time of the year, and ice has been a regular occurrence in the mornings and late evenings. It has even claimed the lives of a married couple in the village of Gravir, who appear to have slipped and fallen badly late one evening. They were laid to rest in the village cemetery last Friday. May they rest in peace.

Glen Ouirn, Gravir, July 2007


  1. Hard to believe November is ending. Only one more month to go before the New Year. Hope you stay safe away from the ice.

  2. Ok, no walking or biking in morning or late evening for you, please. At least until the ice isn't an issue...seasons, gotta love em.(I do, actually)