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Wednesday, 17 February 2016


So some of the council cuts in the Western Isles have been reversed in the face of popular (sic) opposition. Isn't it more like the SNP group on the council (see…) prompted this volte-face. Actually quite disingenuous, bearing in mind that it is SNP policy (Scottish Government) to starve local authorities of funding through the council tax freeze (popular measure, I'm sure) and blaming Westminster for depriving Scotland of funding, of which the SNP administration do not use about 400 million a year and relinquish back to the UK Treasury. Sorry, this is an intensely party-political post, but don't expect me to have anything good to say about any of the opposition parties either. Labour has become a pallid reflection of itself, and is heading for annihilation at the Scottish Parliament vote in May; and the Tories I like even less. Politics. No thanks.

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  1. Politics and political parties throughout much of the world has become decrepid. I used to be political, voting for the Australian version of the Labor Party, but empty promises and rhetoric has made me question the very nature of the political cycle. Each party it seems works for itself and its own interests and not for the people.
    For me the right wing and the left wing and those centrists have failed the people be it in the UK as well as in Australia. Whether it is the Tories or the Left, it is the same mess.
    Guido, you are entitled to your opinion, and political beliefs. Share them, as you wish too.
    Cheers, Petar