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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Labour in decline

I am not someone with strong political convictions, but I am horrified to watch the Labour party tear itself to shreds. It already started after the Scottish independence referendum last year, when a victory for No led to the anomalous result of a boost in SNP (Scottish National Party) support, and the acrimonious departure of the Scottish Labour party leader. Following the drubbing at the polls in May, British Labour needs a new leader, but they are turning on each other. I think they are in a worse state than in the early 80s. I strongly disagree with Angus Macneil's assertion that the SNP is the only legitimate opposition at Westminster - the SNP (IMHO) has no policies, that party just seizes opportunities to be popular. Example: SNP will not vote on English issues, but does vote on such issues when it is politically expedient, e.g. fox hunting. There is no credible opposition at Westminster. Sorry.

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