Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Friday 6 March

Wet and windy, 36 mph from the south southwest and a lot of rain. This is but the start; by evening, winds will rise to 50 mph (that's approaching stormforce), with gusts to 70 mph. Meanwhile, the MV Isle of Lewis returned at 1 am, carrying the passengers that the MV Loch Seaforth could not take. An engineroom fan had broken, so the ship could not sail. The engineroom is a confined space (as in, very difficult to access). The fan was fixed and the Seaforth returned to Stornoway at 3 am. Both ferries are lying idle today, on account of the adverse forecast.

1.45pm: Winds have now risen to galeforce, sustained 44 mph gusting to 55 mph. We should see a severe gale, and possibly stormforce conditions (force 10) later this afternoon, if sustained windspeeds exceed 55 mph. Gusts are not measured on the Beaufort scale.

9.15pm: Severe gale tonight, with gusts in excess of 70 mph. Rainfall total about 3/4 inch (18 mm). And it's supposed to get even worse later tonight? Well, we'll just have to hunker down again, keep those hatches battened down and yield to mother nature for having superior power. It has, for sure, been a very rough winter. Not because of extreme cold or big dumps of snow, it's just the incessant high winds. However, spring will come. Crocuses are coming out (a month late) as are the daffodils. Nil desperandum, folks.

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