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Sunday, 15 February 2015


Following the appalling attack in Copenhagen last night, the Israeli prime minister has called on all Jews to come home to Israel. I'm not happy with that statement. If Mr Netanyahu wants to help in the fight against islamist extremists, he should place his country's considerable expertise in the field at the disposal of the world community. Calling on all Jews to come home will only fuel the flames of the evil that is anti-semitism. I took exception to the events in the aftermath of the Paris attacks last month, when the four dead from the supermarket attack were whisked away to Israel for burial - because they were Jews. I am also not happy with those who will not accept criticism of the Israeli PM. He is a man who should be severely censured for several of his policies, some of which indirectly exacerbate the problem of islamist extremism. If Barack Obama has leverage with Mr Netanyahu, he should use it. Extremism (justified through religion) should be rooted out - now.

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  1. The truth of the matter is that the Jews are the only nation on earth who were directly given their land grant by Jehovah himself. And while I can see your point about them aiding the world in the fight against jhad and extremists, militarly it isn't sound for the State of Isreal. They have too many enemies who would simply rush in and wipe them out if there be any sign of weakness in their defenses. And the unsympathetic world view is just going to get stronger. There would likely be few allies who would run to aid them. And as a Christian, I believe that one day, the world will see Jehovah himself protect the state of Isreal. Maybe not in our life times, but it is foretold.