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Tuesday 21 October

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Dawn is breaking on an increasingly windy day. Overnight, the southwesterly wind shifted to northwest around 4.30 am, and I am now watching heavy showers moving through. Gale- to severe gale force winds, blowing at 40 to 50 mph from the northwest this morning. It's also a lot colder than of late, with the mercury only at 7C / 45F, making it feel rather wintry. Extensive disruption on the west coast ferry network. The Sound of Harris ferry is off, as is the boat to Ullapool. The ferry between Uig and Lochmaddy / Tarbert will resume its service later this morning. Scarf, gloves, hat are required outside today. The northwesterly wind has abated somewhat, but the showers, wintry at times, continue. Temperature barely 7C / 45F. Feeling very cold.Hailstones mixed into showers this afternoon and evening, in Stornoway.

Attended a funeral this afternoon, and the protocol is quite different from what you might find elsewhere. The worship in church takes about half an hour, following which the coffin is taken down the street, carried by all the men in turn. This aspect was cancelled today, due to the adverse weather. The hearse then drove to the cemetery, followed by the men only. The coffin is lowered into the grave after a brief ceremony at the graveside. This is done by 6 to 8 men, mostly close relatives.

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