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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Monday 6 October

Although the sun is currently peeping through the clouds, the weather is quite unfriendly today. A strong to near-gale force wind is whipping up a swell in the Minch, and causing further delays to our ferry service. For some obscure reason, our ferry went to Ullapool last night, and is now stuck there.

Now, this is more like it. If on-shore windturbines lead to cheaper electricity for local consumers, then I'd be a little less unhappy about them. And we don't need all that many of them.

That story about the twitter troll who tweeted horrible things at Kate & Gerry McCann. Who never look on-line at anything to do with their daughter who disappeared in Portugal some years ago. The woman was confronted about her behaviour by Sky News, and was found dead the next day. Trolling is something I do not see the point of, and it was even more pointless in this case. Why waste your life away doing something as empty as that? Anyway, too late now. RIP.

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