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Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday 22 August

I am profoundly saddened to read the notice in the Stornoway Gazette that the Royal British Legion Lewis Branch will only be able to supply their own wreath to the Remembrance Sunday event at the Lewis War Memorial in November. Everyone else will have to procure their own wreaths. I would like to ask my local contacts whether it would be an idea to mount a collection (on line?) for the Legion. The fact that their announcement comes on the centenary of the First World War makes it even more unpalatable. 

Dark shower clouds surround us, but here the sun is out. No, we're not escaping scot-free, but it's not too bad. Was in town earlier, quite busy. Bank holiday weekend is upon us - the second one this month in Scotland.

Tried to boost my laptop's performance with some extra memory. Well, the machine did recognise that there was now 1789 MB on board, but responded by not starting Windows, and even when it did start, it crashed with a very pretty blue screen with some decidedly 1980s lettering, telling me the system had been shut down. So, the memory chips are heading back to the supplier.
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