Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Monday 30 June

The St Kilda swim has had to be abandoned, when the swimmers started to encounter 5-7 feet of swell. They could handle it, but the support kayak could not be launched from the support boat, so for safety reasons, the swimmers took to the boat and proceeded to St Kilda to rest up, before returning to Harris on Wednesday.

Another celebrity has bitten the dust: Rolf Harris was found guilty on a number of charges of indecent assault. Like Jimmy Savile, he took gross advantage of his young admirers, and on Friday he will learn his fate. At 84 and in failing health, he will most likely die in jail.

In the afternoon, I was watching the lifeboat hurrying to the aid of a small fishing boat that had suffered engine failure off the lighthouse. The lifeboat took the craft safely back into port; later in the evening the Tom Sandersen  was back out again.

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