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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wednesday 30 April

Apart from Jon Snow from Channel 4 in Stornoway, this morning's news was dominated by the 4x4 found abandoned and awash on Tolsta Beach last night. Coastguard, Fire service, RNLI and the MV Ronja Viking were all in attendance, but in the end nobody was hurt and the vehicle was pulled clear of the water. The beach is the one to the south of Tolsta Head, it later turns out.

Overcast, windy and cold describes Stornoway this Wednesday afternoon. Hardly a soul on the streets, and the east wind whistling down the Narrows. 11C suddenly feels very nippy...

So Prince Harry is not going to be engaged to Cressida? Since when is an engagement that is not going to happen news? Actually, I feel sorry for the poor sod. Even when he is not going for a slash, it'll still be splashed right across the national news headlines.

Watching the Channel 4 news from Stornoway this evening, with a refreshing take on opinions regarding the independence referendum. Jon Snow, Stornoway is not unlovely. Tut. Anyway, a well balanced mix of views, with your typical careful Leodhsaich hitting the nails on the head. And well done Jane Hepburn on the fiddle at the end.


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